Lake: Joyous boat rides – Paddle boats, Rowing boats are available for sporting and joy riding. Beautiful Shikaras with skilled boatmen are also available for sunset joy riding.

Fun filled zone for children: Swings, Slides etc.

Parks: Wide green patches surround the park, displaying various shades of green moves nature closer to life.

Picnic zones: Friends, family, colleagues and a place to break free…”PICNIC” is the magic word… self-supporting womenfolk of the village provide suited assistance to get you the ingredients and basic amenities in place and make your picnic a grand success.

Cottages: Exclusive cottages with supporting pantry services… hot water, Air Conditioning, fully furnished and well equipped. Open for corporate bookings, special family reunions or individual accommodation for a natural experience.

Food Court: Tasty Indian, Chinese as well as typical Bengali cuisine available at the food court both during weekdays and in weekends. Special orders are also taken for parties.

Fishing area: Fishing yet continues to be a favourite pastime for Bengalis. Keeping that in mind, Malancha Nature Park provides wide opportunity for fishing lovers. Special pockets near the lake are reserved for fishing. Special boats are also available for fishing in the deeper areas.

Horticulture: Skilled gardeners answers all quarries related to:

Aboriculture (the study and selection, planting, care, and removal of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants)

Floriculture (production and marketing of floral crops)

Landscape horticulture (production, marketing and maintenance of landscape plants)

Olericulture (production and marketing of vegetables)

Pomology (production and marketing of fruits)

Postharvest physiology (maintaining quality and preventing spoilage of horticultural crops) at the illustrated colourful garden. Crops and seeds are also available for sale.

Event stage: An event managing stage with state of the art sound mixing equipments is available for special shows and performances.

Security: 24 hrs security services along with CCTV keeps the park secured and safe at all times.



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